Bolide Meteor

Bolides meteors that flicker, flare up and explode as they streak toward the earth pose unanswered questions for scientists. Most bolide meteors become visible when they are about 60 miles in altitude, but a few appear at up to twice that height and some accompanied by electrophonic sound. At first it would be surrounded by a “glow discharge”, a luminescence similar to Cherenkov radiation.

One significant question needs to be answered. At about 50 km (31 miles) above the Earth’s surface, is there enough material in space to begin a friction ablation process for an object traveling 14.7km/s? If not, one is justified to conclude that electrical interaction take place to initiate the glow and flareups.

The most likely explanation is that bolide meteors is antimatter running into a more highly charged region, a none-linear electric field gradient. The positron around antimatter meteorite start to annihilate then electron dens increase which generate gamma radiation, which in turn in high altitudes cause Cherenkov radiation.  Then all positrons are annihilated the antimatter broken down into their constituent parts, electrons, and give an electrical discharge. Manny observations conclude that it has been an electrical discharge from exploding bolides meteors [1].


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