My Theory

A sea of positrons and electrons, the building blocks of matter

The whole universe are created of positron electron pair production. These elementary particles, positrons and electrons annihilate each other and are recreated the whole time, particles that are constantly made and destroyed. No energy is required to make a positron electron pair in a vacuum without electrical charge, the negative particle has the same amount of negative energy and mass as the mass and energy of the positive particle, is a zero-sum game. If there occur a disturbance in the pair production process the positrons or electrons accelerate, create a form of spin and most of the electrical charge is transferred into kinetic energy. This unleashes a kind of chain reaction which means that parts of the Universe develop very quickly.
The positron spins created matter and the electron spins create antimatter.

For each proton and neutron created an equal number of electrons remain as the number of positrons in the mass created (from the beginning it was equal number of positrons and electrons in the positron-electron sea). The electrons become the “atmosphere” of space, a sea of electrons. Antimatter is created in the same way from electron spin and the remain positrons created the “atmosphere” of antimatter.

In the proposed hypothesis it is assumed that all space is a dense electrically sea of electrons in our galaxies and positrons in antimatter galaxies, which serves as the medium for the propagation of light.

Quark model

Space Atmosphere

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